Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just a Thought...

This weekend, I like thousands of other moms, dads, grandparents, etc. took our child/children off to college. Many did this with a smile on their face, some had a tear in their eye. Still others had no outward show of emotion but as I think of all the families in transition to adulthood (mine included), it was just a thought...

and personally for my daughter , keep this in you mind....

                                                        and this in your heart....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

College Bound!! Dorm Room Textiles - Orange and Grey

Hey all,

I know I'm a day late but it's been hectic around here. On the heels of working so hard on my mom's kitchen comes getting my daughter Cass ready to go off to college. Now, we've all seen the back to school displays in Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, but that's just not me . I mean not us!! While Cass was on vacation I spotted a really cool comforter set that she also liked and we had our color scheme. Orange ( different shades) , grey with a touch of turquoise! What can I say, yes I love turquoise but, it goes so well with just about everything! Anyway, as we started to pack , I took pictures of the textiles that we have for her room. The sewing machine, serger, and even the embroidery machine have been turned off. We are done. I wrote a post on her embroidered pjs  (here)earlier. Yes there's a lot of embroidered stuff, but when your mom has an embroidery company, you get lot's of embroidered stuff!!

On to the quick peak at the textiles:

Comforter, throw and polka dot box.

Next comes sheets:

We were challenged with our sheet selection because her dorm/apartment has a Full XL mattress. Not Twin XL but Full XL. Very hard to find that size and when we did, the colors were not good and neither were the prices. So we bought all single flat queen sheets, she'll have to learn to make "hospital corners"!!

Coral/orange with grey monogram. I made the pillow cases from a twin sheet. This left me additional fabric to make body pillow cover and liner for clothes hamper!
Grey checkered sheets with orange grosgrain trim, and monogrammed throw.

                                              White towels with orange /turquoise monogram.

                                           White towel with orange and grey monogram.

                                Orange/deep coral towels with turquoise and grey monogram.

Shower Wrap:

coral, turquoise and pink ( Target) monogrammed in grey.


Rug is from Ikea. Who hasn't seen this and wanted one. Great colors choices and great 
price. I actually got it on sale for $14.99.

I didn't monogram the clothes hamper, or  body pillow cover that I made from fabric I found on clearance earlier this spring:
Laundry hamper folders flat when not being used.

That's it for the textiles being used in her room. We decided to go with solid grey curtains and I'm not putting trim or anything else on them. I'm done! But I must admit I'm pleased with all of it. Can't wait to show you the completed room. Til then, pray with me that this adventure that my baby girl is setting out on will lead her into the life God has planned for her.

Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rustleoum Never Wet for Fabric Product Review

Hi all,

At the Haven Conference this past July I got my hands on a product I have been wanting to try all summer. Rust-Oleum Never Wet for Outdoor  Fabric. I was so excited to get some of this product and for the best price ever, free!! Thanks to Home Depot . It's taken me a few weeks but I finally got a chance to try this stuff.


Let me tell you this. This stuff is Great. Of course that is my opinion but I'm sticking with it. I have a large container in my yard that actually will hold all 17 of my outdoor cushions and pillows. But it's still a pain to constantly put them away and take them back out all the time. And I guess you know that most of the time it starts to rain, no one is home to rescue the cushions and put them away. With this product my worries are over.
I sprayed all of my cushions and pillows this week. None of them changed in appearance at all. I was a little concerned about the embroidered pillows, but no worries. They were all just fine. And they stay dry. Or should I say they're Never Wet anymore.

These are some of the cushions that I sprayed  with Never Wet.


  In this picture you can see how the water I poured on the cushion beaded up, in the upper right corner.

  And in this picture you can also see how the water sits on the surface, its doesn't soak in.  It actually rolls right off the cushion when it is tilted.!!

 Same results with these pillows as well.!!


After taking these pics, it later rained. I was so busy that I forgot the cushions and pillows were still out. Now to be honest, even after testing the cushions to see how this product worked. I would have still put the pillows away, if I had remembered they were out. But when I did discover them, the water had beaded up on the cushions!! I just stood them up and the water rolled off.

If you are tried of racing out to grab the outdoor cushions up every time it rains, try this product. I don't think you will be disappointed.

While I did receive this product free at the Haven Conference, these opinion are my own. There was no additional compensation.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Just A Thought... Kitchen Makeovers are hard and Mom's Are a Blessing

Hey All,

I was missing from Blog land last week. It's been a long time since I missed a Thursday post. The experts tell me that consistency in posting is important. Well, I was busy working on a project and really couldn't stop to write about it or anything else for that matter.

Last week I  was blessed to step away from my regular routine and travel back to Detroit to start a labor of love.  I started the renovation of my mom's kitchen and breakfast nook. I totally bit off more than I could chew! More about that to come. This was a big, big job for me alone and even bigger for the number of days I had. I will share pics later this week on the beginning of this project. Right now, It Was Just a Thought...

I was stressed by the size of the job til I stopped to realize how Blessed I was to be able to do this for my mom. Every day I read about someone passing away and everyday I feel Blessed  that my mom is still here.
I won't make her mad at me by telling Blog Land how old she is but I will say she is over eighty by a few years.

While out shopping for granite and back splash tile she decided to give Cass a driving lesson. So she got out of the motorized cart and made Cass try her hand at driving. We had a blast. No granite but fun.

Some times we really have to stop and realized how Blessed we are... It's Just A Thought.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pottery Barn Teen Inspired Furlicious Desk Chair

Like so many of us DIY fans, I have been known to brake for free furniture. You know the kind, it's usually on the curb the day before trash pickup. This is the story of what can happen when you find just the right piece of furniture on the curb.  Months ago I  passed this chair on the curb at a nearby neighbors' house.  I drove past it, then thought twice about not at least checking it out. A quick peak told me this chair was worth a closer look

Here she is waiting patiently in my garage for her encore.  I discovered that the previous owner probably didn't understand how to fix the mechanism that allows you to raise or lower the seat.  I didn't know either, but after a closer look ( to be honest my son Brandon fixed it) it was good as new. A couple of months ago I asked my daughter and her friend to try their hand at putting primer on her after a good cleaning. I wanted a  white chair on casters in my craft room so...

Fast forward to this weekend and I finally got to it.

 My first try was to spray paint her white. I hoped that it might not  be too white,but it was.  I ended up painting the chair with the same paint that I used on the desk and lack tables in the craft room.

Next, I looked for ideas for the cushion, and these chairs really caught my eye. I love all of  these.

  This armless chair is currently on sale at PBTeen for $209.00 + shipping.

The arm version of the same chair is currently on sale for $229 + shipping.

And their furry version of a "wingback" chair is   currently $279 + shipping.


So while at Ikea on a recent visit, I bought this faux sheepskin rug...


The cushion for the bot tom of the chair was made out of 100%cotton duck that I already had.

After stuffing it with fiberfill, I tacked the cushion to half of the "sheepskin".


A few quick snips of the "sheepskin" and done!


What do you think?.I got what I wanted, a white chair on casters with a "Furlicious" look.


1 can of Rustoleum Spray paint $3.77 ( even though I painted over it)
1 "sheepskin"  $9.99

Total : $14.58 with tax!!