Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just A Thought...

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Just dropped in the share Just a Thought...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall is Here Celebrate at the Country Living Fair

Hi All,

Before I moved to Georgia, I had never even heard of the Country Living Fair. My new friend Shelly invited me to go in 2011 and I've been hooked ever since. It's become a sure sign for me that Fall is here. I look forward to seeing all great ideas that people share and always come up with some of my own.

If you read or just browse through the pages at the checkout stand, you know that Country Living Magazine is chock full of great recipes, craft and home decor ideas. Well the fair is just like opening the pages of the magazine.

The Shopper- tunities are amazing. There are over 200 vendors at the fair . You can browse Stone Mountain Park shopping for great antiques, vintage items, home decor, one of a kind furniture pieces, handcrafted jewelry , re purposed items and more.

There are also seminars, how to demonstrations, cooking demos and a chance to meet the editors and celebrities.

Well, that's enough reasons for me.  So I've marked my calendar for the weekend of Oct. 24-26, 2014 and thanks to the generous folks at Explore Gwinnett, you can too!  Grabbing my sweater, a good friend and I hope to see you there.

I'm giving away TWO (2) tickets for the Country Living Fair
 at Stone Mountain, GA (Atlanta)

Here's how:

Leave a comment telling me what you would enjoy most about attending and what would you be looking for at the Country Living Fair.

This giveaway runs from : Oct. 8, 2014 until midnight Oct. 19, 2014.

One winner will be selected on Monday, Oct. 20th. I will contact you via email. Your tickets will be mailed to you on the 20th.

                                                                        Good Luck!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bathroom DIY ...Ranch Reno continues...

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It's been a while since I posted something on the "Ranch Reno". Well, we've been working on it but a busy summer and conflicting schedules have kept us from making major steps. They've been more like baby steps. The decision was made to start small, and renovate  the"small"  hall bathroom first. Ok, I'll admit the decision was helped along by the great deal I got on floor tile at the ReStore. I share about that find and the final decision on an accent tile to go with it here. Here's a not so great cell phone pic of the bathroom, before. 

Yes, the walls are a bright red semi- gloss that I'm really looking forward to painting.!!

The room has had some demo work done so that it looks like this right now....

The old floor has been removed and the wood floor has been primed.

I hope  that a pedestal sink will make this room look larger, so that vanity was removed.  I hope the medicine cabinet can be painted and  recessed into the wall over the sink.

The toilet has been removed as we prepare to level the floor.

We used LEVELQUIK, a self leveling underlayment.

The pipes have been exposed so that they can be moved to accommodate the pedestal sink.

The wonderboard is being cut as I type, thinset and lots of screws coming next.

As I planned this bathroom renovation, I looked at a lot of pics online. I pinned a number of them. When I went back to look at them I discovered a theme. I like white, a lot and I love bead board in small bathrooms. I even remembered my first bathroom renovation over 18 years ago, and there was bead board involved!

This is the wall color that we chose:
Behr Marquee ( guaranteed to cover  the red semi gloss in one coat!) in Balboa...

These are a few of the pics that were my inspiration. This should show you where I'm going with this room...



Imagine my surprise when I found this pic after deciding on the paint , bead board, pedestal sink and dark floor!! It's almost just what I planned for this bathroom. I do plan a couple of things that I don't see in this pic but that's almost it.!

Stay tuned, this project is in high gear. Can't wait to get the floor in and the bead board up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY Canvas Wall Art

Hi all,

This past summer (boy, didn't it fly by) while shopping  with Cass, we came across an inspirational sign that we both liked.  

I loved what it said, but I wasn't sold on the size, colors, or the price ( $20.00). So....

With so much going on, I still decided to make one. Armed with my trusty 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby, I bought a 2 pack of blank canvases. I chose the 16 x 20 canvas as it was a little larger than the one we saw in the store. 

I ran out of time and it just had to wait. After packing Cass off to school, I finally got around to finishing it. just in time to take it with me to Family Weekend at UNCG.

To get the look I wanted I  realized that I already had a lot of the necessary materials from previous projects. 

 4" chipboard letters
3" chipboard letters,  
1.5" chipboard letters 
stickers, glue stick, ruler, white pencil, 
Rustoleum spray paint in Lagoon,
acrylic paint (grey), paint brush and small dish.

 From all of the supplies, the only thing I bought  new were the  2.5" and 1.5" letters. Using coupons and clearance prices my total expense was less than $13.00. Not super cheap, but that will make 2 larger signs, so I'm good with the cost!

I measured and divided the canvas into 3 "somewhat" equal sections. Now, I can't draw at all, and am challenged drawing a straight line with a ruler, but I gave it a try. I lightly glued the  larger letters in place. Once I was sure it would all fit, I painted the canvas.

This was after 1 light coat. I gave it 3 light costs of spray paint.

After the 3rd coat I carefully pealed the letters off the canvas.

In a few places , like the H, the spray paint made it under the letter, creating a shadowy effect around the edges. I kind of liked it. Now, putting the stickers and the smaller letters down was a lot more difficult. So much so that I forgot to take pics of the process. 
Basically, I used a ruler and white pencil to create guide lines. I eyeballed the spacing for the stickers and the smallest chipboard letters. I put the small chipboard letters in place first, then the stickers.

If you've every tried to use "what's left over" from a package of stickers, you know it never quite works out. You end up "making" extra letters. Well, I found that the "n" turned upside down gave me more "u"s, and the "v" with a tail from a "g " gave me extra 'y's. It worked!!

To cover the white guide lines and to add a little dimension to the sign I dry brushed  some grey acrylic paint onto the sign and DONE!

                                                            hanging on the wall.

After hanging that on the wall, I finally felt like her room was really close to being complete. Neither Cass nor I liked the royal blue task chair in her bedroom so...

You know it, one faux sheep skin from Ikea, some stick-on Velcro and a pair of scissors later.

Cass now  feels like her room is complete...

It all works, the orange and white rug, the extra storage under the desk and one under the bed.

                                    Desk organizer: silver tray with hand dipped glasses. I couldn't resist that travel cup when I saw it.

                                                       Finished bed.

                                    Two large monogrammed pillows added to her bed for a little more color.


                                                            Now she likes the chair!!

                                     Family Weekend was great! We got to see our baby girl....


                                                                      growing up!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ideas for Bathroom Reno

Hi all,

I hinted in my last post that I hadn't forgotten about the ranch reno. There are a couple of things going on there. The living room and hallway walls have been prepped for painting. Lot's of holes in varying sizes have made that an interesting job. A couple of large holes required a little more than spackling and a quick sanding.

The larger holes required something else. One hole was fixed by tying a piece of string thru a flexible piece of plastic mesh,. the mesh was bent enough to put it thru the hole. Using the two end of the string the mesh was pulled tight against the hole from the inside. Of course before pulling it tight, spackling was squirted around the edges of the mesh. This made it stick to the inside of the wall. We did have to eventually tie the string to the step stool to keep it tight against the wall, well it was that or stand there holding the string for quite a while.

While the original plan was to personally paint the whole interior it has grown a bit. Now, the exterior has been added to the project. So the process of interviewing painters  is taking up a lot of time, but you have to do your homework.

When I realized all the estimates so far included filling and sanding holes in the walls, I was so done with spackling. Next there's making a final decision on paint colors. The only decision so far has been the exterior colors, going for lightening up the exterior  so this was the choice:

                        Sherwin Williams photo showing : Cork Wedge,  Smokehouse and Rustic Red.

A new front door in almost this exact "Rustic Red" was the find of the week a couple of weeks ago at the ReStore in Canton, GA You'll see it in a later post. The shutters will also be in Rustic Red .

A  more recent trip to the Habitat ReStore in Lawrenceville, GA led me  to another  great find. All of the tile was 20% off, and they had a lot to choose from. I found a really great buy. They had  almost 3  full boxes of 6 x 6 slate tiles ( a total of almost 132 tiles) for $6.00 per box. With the sale, I got the tile for $12.72!! I used this great tile calculator  and allowing for 5% waste and the fact that I will add an accent tile, it qualifies as a major SCORE!!

I am thinking about using one of these tiles as an accent tile with the charcoal slate on the floor.
I would cut this into 3 " strips and use with the slate.


So, as you can see there has been some forward movement on this project. Oh, and if you remember there was a post about using Ikea pieces for a "built in" in the living room, still trying to make something fit in the 134" of wall space available. And the saga continues....